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Your rehabilitation partner throughout life

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Your welfare matters to us

We offer rehabilitation services for people with different kinds of disabilities and for their significant others. With us you are active partner in realising your rehabilitation.

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Individually, together

We are known for our expertise in the rehabilitation of neurological conditions, especially spinal cord and brain injuries and rare diseases. We receive over 2000 rehabilitees every year.

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Contact us!

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 Validia Rehabilitation in brief

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Decades of experience

Validia Rehabilitation represents leading expertise in Finnish rehabilitation. We offer individually tailored rehabilitation with more than 60 years of experience. We do pioneering work on the rehabilitation of severely handicapped, on adaptation training and on neurological rehabilitation.

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Seven operational units

Our services are available in seven operational units all over Finland. In addition to rehabilitation centres in Helsinki and Lahti, we provide diverse out-patient services in Järvenpää, Kuopio,  Pori, Tampere and Turku. All our premises are accessible.

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We offer multi-professional rehabilitation individually or for groups, rehabilitation courses and out-patient services for children and families, adolescents and adults. In addition, we provide training and expertise services.